Our Story

It all started with a bike and a borrowed lorry!

When Sydney B Scott set off in a borrowed lorry around Coleraine and the north coast with a simple fruit & veg run and a raw appetite to do straightforward business and an honest days work, he never dreamt that over 60 years and 3 generations later that humble venture would grow into one of the most efficient and premier wholesale fruit & vegetable companies in Northern Ireland.

Sydney B Scott Lorry 1959


Being a natural businessman Sydney always had a pure instinct for work. After returning home from service in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force in 1951, Sydney and his older brother Wilson were given bicycles by their uncle Robbie Scott who owned a hardware & toy shop on Brook St in Coleraine which they attached suitcases to and filled to capacity with all sorts of things, that they sold to neighbouring farms (anything from shoe polish and tools to children’s dolls and spinning tops). After developing that to where the bicycles could no longer cope, Wilson suggested they buy two vans and continue to grow the run, Sydney however had his eye on a confectionary shop of his own on Captain St which he decided to buy and allow his brother to grow the hardware run himself, which he did, and eventually began a very successful car dealership and a property investment business. The shop on Captain St. was successful but had limited footfall so Sydney sold and relocated to Long Commons and says he did more on his first weekend than he had the full year in the previous shop. Eventually a local man made him a profitable offer to buy the shop so Sydney accepted and began to work for Bate’s a local fruit & veg company where he drove for them and sold produce from the back of the lorry. Again the run grew and Sydney seen such potential in the trade that he decided to begin on his own. Patterson Nutt was a local businessman who Sydney approached to ask if he could borrow some form of transport to help him in his new venture, Patterson happily lent him a lorry more than capable of handling any startup produce run. Next, Sydney headed to Belfast in search of someone willing to place some trust in him and give him the help he needed. That man was Frank.E.Benner, he spotted Sydney and straightaway seen his keen business sense and was prepared to help. With only £14 to his name, Frank allowed Sydney to fill the lorry with hundreds of pounds worth of stock and pay him back when he was able, confident it would be no problem to the young man. That investment proved to be worthwhile as Sydney went nowhere else for produce right until the day Benner ceased trading.

So from £14 and a borrowed lorry, Sydney B Scott’s Fresh Fruit & Veg, had its beginning.

Now, located at Aghadowey just outside Coleraine we service all across Northern Ireland and into the South of Ireland. We work tirelessly to ensure that the customer always comes first which means that Quality & Service are what makes Scott’s stand out from anyone else.

Every day, deliveries of fresh produce come in from around the world which is then promptly sent out to end product customers or else hand chopped for hotels, restaurants etc or packaged for shops and retailers.

No matter what we do at Scott’s, we always aim to be the best.